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About Us & Our Maisons

Liz & Emily

Elizabeth & Emily

Elizabeth lives in Dallas, Texas; her maison is a 1950s ranch style home she shares with her new husband.  She has a passion for cheese, le creuset, and cookbooks.  She believes in using the good china, entertaining, learning how to decorate for him and her, and drinking champagne without an occasion.  Elizabeth loves to cook but is generally horrified of baking. She makes a ridiculous mess in the kitchen, says bonjour way too often, and is currently mourning the loss of Gourmet and Domino.

Emily lives in Houston, Texas New York City in her charming studio maison , a newly renovated 1970s town home on the Upper East Side. The town home  petite space benefits from Emily’s muse in decorating, doodling, and daring a home improvement project or two. Emily fancies entertaining, baking, and has been known to suffer from The Wine Flu on occasion. Emily attends Parsons for Interior Design and works from home various coffee shops around the city. Her favorite past-time and medium? Feeding her Type A personality with peanut butter.
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