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Easy Entertaining: Rosemary Centerpiece Edition

April 17, 2013

by Elizabeth


Last Saturday we had an impromptu dinner at our house with our neighbors. When we couldn’t decide where to go out, we decided to stay in – I ran to Central Market for pre-marinated lemon rosemary pork loins to grill, one couple brought appetizers, and the other brought a salad and couscous. Worked out beautifully! (as in, delicious and easyeasyeasy.)

Rosemary centerpiece

One of my favorite parts of entertaining is setting the table – and it gave me the perfect excuse to use my new napkins from Zara Home obtained in Madrid. I didn’t have any fresh flowers in the house – so off to the yard I went with my eye on the giant rosemary plant that is currently trying to take over our driveway from its happy home in the flower bed. I just snipped some branches and put them in petite vases. I kept them small since I knew we wouldn’t have a ton of room on the table, but the touch of green really brought some life to centerpiece.


I ended up loving this make-do “floral” arrangement. Not only do I always have a surplus of rosemary, I also liked that it mimicked the flavors and mood of the meal – simple and light. Other ideas for a last minute centerpiece might be:

Bowl of lemons, oranges or limes, or even two small bowls

Whatever herbs you have on hand

Sprigs of Boxwood, holly, or whatever bushes you have in your yard

Azaleas, roses, or any kind of flowering shrub (if you’re lucky!)

2 single flowers in a tiny vases

And if you have nothing green, just use lots of mini votives!

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