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Acquisition: Vintage Seagrass Dresser

February 18, 2013

by Emily

Apartments in New York are all unique enough in shape that it is often difficult to commit to furniture buying until you know you are staying put somewhere for at least a reasonable amount of time. I am an active Craigslist trader, always trying to find my best combination in my particular space.

Although my first apartment in the city was really quite small, it had a shocking amount of closet and cabinet space such that I did not have one problem with storage. While quite a bit larger, my new space has shockingly little storage. We’re talking one narrow closet that will only accommodate a regular sized coat hanger at an angle. No bueno.

I’ve adapted, making room in my rental for a rolling rack and those great Ikea closet organizers (which happen to be the right depth for that mini closet), but still lack much-needed storage space.

Long story short, I’ve been hunting for a 40″ ish wide dresser or chest of drawers to put at the foot of my bed. In an ideal situation, I would happily splurge on this Bungalow5 Fairfax Dresser that I really love.

bungalow5 fairfax

While the perfect width and look for my space, who knows what kind of odd space I’ll be in next? Sigh. Long story short, I feel non-committal right now. But I just can’t help it…take a look at this gorgeous applied grasscloth. And the subtle bamboo detail. So classic. And, if you know Bungalow5, you also know they have really lovely, high quality things that will never go out of style.

bungalow5 fairfax detail

Long story short, I can’t justify that purchase right now, but I dropped in one of my favorite thrift shops, Housing Works, over the weekend and found a pair of vintage grasscloth covered dressers with brass pulls and those fancy you-can-tell-this-is-nice-furniture drawer catches. Right at 42″ and the same height as my bed, I struck furniture gold and anyone that knows me can imagine the thrill-of-the-hunt high I got from finding these lovely pieces.

vintage grasscloth dresser

After calling up my handyman who assured me he could paint the dresser and securing delivery (and a free ride uptown!), I pulled the trigger and couldn’t be more thrilled. At 1/4 the price of the Bungalow5 piece, it’ll never be the same… but it sure is close, right?

brass pull detail

Will post updated pictures once painted!

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  1. Mamasita Pattie permalink
    February 18, 2013 2:29 pm

    What a FAB find!
    Can’t wait to see the “updated” pics 🙂

    • February 18, 2013 10:39 pm

      Thanks! Studied some paint swatches today, so should be able to make a decision and get started soon!

  2. February 19, 2013 6:39 pm

    Great find! Can’t wait to see the final product!


  1. Update: Vintage Seagrass Dresser | Deux Maisons

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