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February 6, 2013

by Elizabeth


I’m sure we’ve talked about succulents here before – Emily and I both love them and have had petite pots of succulents before. But with the unseasonably warm weather in Texas and new patio furniture on my brain, I’m ready for succulents in a big way. This weekend I was at my friend’s family ranch in Mason, TX – and there were succulents galore. The photo above is of a doorway to a cute shop in town – we loved the mass of plants spilling all over everywhere.

IMG_9765This split log with a few succulents was by the kitchen door of the ranch house – no idea if someone planted those are not. But I’m obsessed and now on the hunt for my very own planter log. Won’t it look cute on my new patio table, husband?

vertical succulent wall art

If I can’t find a log – I think both of these rectangular succulent arrangements are pretty incredible for an outdoor centerpiece. I love the mix of colors, textures, and sizes in each of them.

Succulent garden idea. Pretty.


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