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Zshusing up la Maison for Entertaining

January 10, 2013

by Elizabeth

Chatham Butler's Pantry - traditional - kitchen - dc metro - by Pamela Gaylin Ryder, Inc

As husband likes to point out to me on a weekly basis, our kitchen cabinets are full. While they’re not yet overflowing, every additional kitchen/ entertaining item we bring in has to be carefully considered – I think we are one plate away from our shelf crashing down and one tray away from chaos. After the remodel, I’ve rearranged, filled the new cabinets and two buffets, hung linens in the hall closet, purged and rearranged some more, but the fact is we are out of room. (Or I really need a butler’s pantry.) Yet there are a couple of items I really, really would like to add to my entertaining collection.


First being a set of appetizer plates. And I mean a set of 30 or 40. I have several sets of six, but they don’t coordinated so that does me no good for large parties. So I resort to (nice) paper, which kind of crushes my inner Martha Stewart. In my dreams I would have them match my china, Carlton Gold, or perhaps a simple gold-rim with a monogram, but that is not going to happen anytime soon with the number I have in mind.

Ticker Tape Tidbit Plates - Kate Spade


I also adore the (no longer available) Kate Spade Ticker Tape Tidbit Plates. I found on Pinterest a DIY for gold confetti plates, and I’m pretty tempted to try it out. If they look awful, I can always scratch off the gold paint, right? Here are some  affordable, plain white appetizer plates from Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma that could be used for the DIY.


6 in round plates – $1.95

6.5 in coupe plates – $1.95

Set of 12 square plates – $22.95

6 pantry appetizer plates – $24.95

Once I have my fabulous plates, I’ll need some napkins to go with them.

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins by Julia B.Gold Stripe Cocktail Napkins

These from Julia B in my dreams, or these perky striped ones from Society Social would do quite nicely too.

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