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Baked Kale Chips

December 31, 2012

by Elizabeth

And just like that, it’s New Year’s Eve again. (I know this probably deserves a giant #sh*tgirlssay, but seriously, where did this year go?) While tonight is for champagne and sparkles and general over-indulgence, many of us likely have some sort of goal/ resolution/ lofty aspiration to be healthier in the new year. I’m personally trying to expand my vegetable palette, and I got a head start last week after flipping through one of my Christmas doodles, Ina’s new book – Foolproof.

Baked Kale Chips

Embarrassingly enough, I’d never actually eaten kale. Even though it seemed like kale was everywhere last year, the trendiest of the trendy vegetables, I’d never braved it. Something about “bitter greens” just isn’t appealing to me. But my sister convinced me to try these kale chips, and I’m now a kale convert. Much like mushrooms, it turns out that anything covered in olive oil and salt and roasted is delicious. Next thing you know I’m going to be making green smoothies and serving kale chips instead of a cheese plate. Just kidding.

Baked Kale Chips, adapted from Ina Garten

serves 3-4, perfect for a party snack or just getting in your daily greens

1 bunch kale

2 tablespoons olive oil

kosher salt and black pepper

fleur de sel (sea salt)

Preheat oven to 350˙.

Cut stem out of each stalk of kale. Rip large leaves in halve. Wash kale in a salad spinner, or rinse well and pat dry with towels.

Place kale in a large bowl. Add olive oil and a good pinch of kosher salt and pepper. Toss using your hands. Spread the kale among three baking sheets. Don’t crowd the sheets or the kale will steam and not roast. Place sheets in the oven and roast for 12-15 minutes (you don’t want the leaves to brown, just crisp). Sprinkle with fleur de sel and serve immediately.

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