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The Friday Find: Holiday DIY

November 30, 2012

While neither of us is all that into “crafting,” per say, we can get into a little DIY action every once in awhile  – give Emily a can of gold spray paint and Liz a spray gun and we’ll go to town. But for some reason “crafts” seem a lot more fun during the holidays, maybe because it’s the only time of year it’s acceptable to have overly bright, borderline tacky, flashing objects covering every surface of your house? Here are a few projects that have tempted us to break out the glitter and paint this weekend!

diy glitter votives

Glitter Votives via 100 Layer Cake


Painted Ornaments

this way you can get the exact right shade of chartreuse to match your decor, not Target’s lime green version. These things are important, people.

Mistletoe: Kissing Ball How-To

Mistletoe Kissing Ball – Liz needs one of these for a couples’ shower next weekend!

diy make your own glitter snow globe holiday winter christmas craft easy best

Glitter Snowglobe via Camille Styles – choose mini doodles to coordinate with your maison!


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