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The Friday Find: Weekend Plans

September 28, 2012

Even if the temperatures don’t make it feel entirely like fall in Dallas or New York City, we sure are craving fall activities! In Dallas, it’s time for pumpkins, boulevarding, and best of all – the state fair! In New York, we’re ready to hit the museums, fairs, and fleas…and maybe even do a little apple picking! Here’s our list of top weekend activities.


1. Head to a Farmer’s Market – Saint Michael’s Farmers Market or the Dallas Farmers Market. It’s pumpkin time! I like Ruibal’s at the Dallas Farmers Market for pumpkins and gourds at good prices.

2. Head to the Boulevard at SMU before we Fry the Frogs! Carry your backup champagne supplies in this cute navy Tory Burch Bag.

Drink your champagne out of this snazzy wine glass. Just kidding. Kind of…

3. The State Fair of Texas opens today! Get yourself a Fletcher’s Corny Dog (I prefer the Jalapeno Cheese ones) and this year there is a Deep Fried Mac-N-Cheese Slider. I can’t even comprehend this, but I must try it. Then I can recover from my pumpkin hunting/ boulevarding/ mimosa-ing/cheese-binging.

New York City

1. Navigate the crowds for the Regarding Warhol Exhibit @ The Met.Visit the gift shop and then rush to Target to have a much needed suburban moment and leave with a can of limited edition Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

Alternatively, head over to MoMA’s PS1 in Long Island City for the NY Art + Book Fair held this weekend only.

2. Zip, Bus, or Rail your way to some apple pickin‘! Nothing like getting out of the city for the afternoon!

3. Finally, head over to the Brooklyn Flea by way of a leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and a quick ride on the East River Ferry to see what kind of treasures you can hunt up. Lug your goodies home on the subway and be glad you found that special one-of-a-kind.


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