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On Moving in New York City

September 12, 2012

Don’t mind me, I just want to move around the corner. Sixty seconds away, not kidding. This can’t be hard, I hardly own a thing – I live in a studio apartment in NYC for goodness sake. Easy as pie, right?


Let me describe how moving in New York City actually works.

First, you pack up as much as you can given the space you have. Since packed goods take up more space, you end up with negative space… and not in a photography sense. Next, move as much as you can on your own so your movers can actually access your large furniture items. This involves granny carts, numerous boat & totes, and a zillion trips around said corner.

When the movers actually arrive, pray for good weather, staircase endurance, and a million dashes of patience. Finally, once everything is moved, breathe a sigh of relief.

But let’s be honest, something’s going to go wrong. Tornado warning? Yes, that happened. Breaking a box spring into pieces? Oh yes, that, too.

Some iPhone photos to better represent The Situation:

This is the part where all of your belongings are wheeled on dollies up the street to your new place. It’s safe, efficient, and is pretty much assembly line moving. Lies.

This is the part where you run down stairs to carry up a box and you discover your movers deftly maneuvering fighting with the staircase with your queen size box spring in hand.

This is when they speak in speedy Russian for several extremely long minutes and then break the news between sweat dribbles that it won’t fit.

Oh! And here’s the part where we just break the center support on purpose. Totally fine, I signed off on it. Como se PIVOT.

Finally, this is the part where I unpack, organize, and look forward to sharing the final product with you!

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