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September Issue: House Beautiful Edition

August 23, 2012

by Elizabeth

I’ve got to be honest – the thought of getting through more than 900 pages of Vogue’s September Issue is overwhelming, and I’m just not interested this year. (Maybe if I had a full week on the beach ahead of me I could handle it, but no.) House Beautiful’s September Issue – all about COLOR! – however, was more than worth my time. This room designed by Ashley Whittaker is one of my favorites. What makes it so good? Let’s talk about it.

1. It’s obviously a formal living room (notice the sconces, mirror, paneling, marble fireplace), but it’s brought down to a livable level with comfortable chairs you might actually want to sit in, a casual rug, and zero stuffiness.

2. Mossy apple green ikat pillows on the soft blue chairs – always a winning color combination

3. Those peonies. Oh my god, those peonies. Gorgeous color contrast, and I absolutely love them with the blue and white vases of simple green leaves.

4. The non-traditional octagonal shape of the mirror.

5. Paneled walls that seem to be not quite white – more of a barely there gray.

6. Beautiful logs in the fireplace – and check out the chevron brick!

7. Greek Key bench – although I would have chosen a pattern for the fabric so it wasn’t so matchy-matchy with the chairs.

Who needs fall fashion when you can oogle fall interiors instead?!

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