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June 21, 2012

by Elizabeth

So, still busy. Apologies for the lack of original content on my behalf around here….But let’s catch up, shall we?

Sweet Paul Magazine - Summer 2012 - Page 78-79

1. I am dying to make this sandwich from Sweet Paul. Actually, I’m dying to make pretty  much anything right now as I haven’t had time to cook anything substantial or interesting in weeks. But I really am anxious for the sandwich because I can use ingredients from my garden for it. (Yes, my garden!) I have tomato plants that are full of almost ready cherry tomatoes, and my roma and heirloom tomato plants are about 4 feet tall so surely they will give me fruit soon. My basil is also out of control and we’ve already been eating the cucumbers. I would show you pictures, but that would involve, um, taking pictures.

Charleston fuschia

photo via here

2. We went back to Charleston a couple weekends ago, and it was as charming as we remembered. (Although we noticed there were far more tourists in June than August, but hey – I guess we were tourists so we can’t complain.) Again, have not uploaded pics yet so I can’t share them with you. But I promise you a ridiculous number of doors, window boxes, and hardware close ups coming your way. We didn’t see the fab house above, and if I’d known it existed before we left I would have hunted it down.

Husk Logo

3. While in Charleston we ate at Husk, Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant 2011. I’m just going to share this with you: fried chicken skins with pimento cheese. Yes. Let’s all die together now, shall we? I tried to get a recipe for the pimento cheese but the waiter said it changes all the time depending on what they have in the kitchen, what cheese they have made fresh, etc. I’m devastated that I will probably never eat anything so glutenous again.


4. My kitchen renovation has still not started. UGH. I am so annoyed that I am refusing to clean my current countertops or stove in any serious manner in hopes of speeding up the remodel gods. Cast iron pan scratches and filthy drip pans? Completely ignoring. We have narrowed down granite to Bianco Romano, above, and Kashmir White. We’re now dealing with the racket known as granite purchasing. Has anyone else had near panic-attacks over granite? Why it’s so hard to get a firm price before you actually DECIDE on a granite is beyond me. On the plus side, husband and I settled on a white subway tile backsplash. With no disagreements whatsoever, miracle.

Todd Hunter

5. In addition to cooking, pinterest, twitter, yoga, running etc…I miss painting. I’m not particularly good but I find it relaxing. I’d love to try to replicate something like this painting by Todd Hunter. Abstract art is not really my forte but I want to teach myself by “studying” aka copying. DIY art is much more affordable, and fun, than real art friends. Also I think this color scheme would look pretty amazing on my aqua living room walls.

Ok, back to real blogging next week, promise!

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  1. June 29, 2012 4:02 pm

    1) Clay has fab taste (already knew you did, obv!). Cannot WAIT to see Operation Kitchen. It’s going to be amazing!
    2) I want it noted that you actually ARE a great painter.

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