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Faux Exotica: Tray Edition

May 29, 2012

by Emily

We’re a little tray happy over here. They are the perfect layering and casual organization tool around. While I will happily bring on the lacquer, some of my recent favorites have a more manly, natural, or exotic appeal. Check out these inspiration photos below.

via Apartment Therapy

Isn’t the weathered metal patina and manly antler vignette appealing? I love the contrast of the over-dyed rug, too.

via Domino

Hard to tell from this photo, but looks like a natural wooden tray to me on that low coffee table. Coordinates nicely with the plant, velvet sofa, and modern coffee table.

via Made by Girl

Jewelry and flowers and a simple white urn look even sweeter on this exotic faux python tray. We even recommended the same tray for a completely different look for a bar cart setup.

via Lonny

This manly croc tray works perfectly for a bar organizer. I could also see it in a softer setting to add a little layering and texture.

via Mimi & Meg

Hard to tell from the picture, but I imagine this tray is leather-bound and just the right anchor for this decidedly chic office space.

So enough inspiration, le’ts cut to the chase. Resources! Here are a few tray treasures we’ve collected so you can pull off these great looks in your maison. 

C Wonder Faux Shagreen & Horn Tray

C Wonder Faux Croc Tray

Madegoods Faux Shagreen Trays

Maison Luxe Faux Python Tray

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