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Interior Spying

May 16, 2012

by Emily

When I page through shelter magazines and beautifully curated images on Pinterest, I sometimes have the tendency to lose site of the depth and meaning of good design and selection. In reality, when things appear to be effortless, that should be your first sign that it took a special skill and a lot of time to get it that way. It takes careful consideration and that great eye to not only spot wonderful elements, but assemble them. In fact, interior design is downright complicated when you consider what must all be in check – color theory, scale, proportion, cost, the function of the room, the lifestyle of the client, etc.

So while we’re feeling a little blog lite around here, let us know what you love about these beautiful images… and I’ll give you my commentary, too.

via The Haute Pink Editor
I love that this room is completely soft and elegant while still maintaining plenty of interest and texture – velvet sofa, fluffy stools, hide rug. I am also very curious about the things that you can’t exactly see – the mirror reflects a mirror in the opposite room (and the photographer!) and you can see the more relaxed space with the vintage Moroccan rug and lantern light fixture just before this more formal living space. The balance without systematic symmetry is the thing I appreciate most.

Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors
My favorite thing about this great bathroom is the order achieved by using the Greek key shade, the wide striped shower curtain, the simple tile pattern, and the classic mirror. The noisy and chaotic (albeit fun!) wall paper works here because it’s balanced against classic, clean lines. Would you be that daring? Would you have ever guessed this could “work”? I really love it.

Jamie Meares via Lonny Mag

It is pretty clear this blog has a fairly unrestrained girl crush on Jamie Meares/Furbish, so it was kind of a design dream come true to see a home she designed in the latest Lonny. (as in, go take a gander. now.) Jamie definitely has plenty of interesting Furbish items at her disposal to display in this home – but check out how she displays. The books aren’t neatly stacked on a coffee table or hanging out on some shelf in the background. Instead, there is order to her styling chaos with the books appearing to fan out from the tulip centerpiece. Kudos to the photographer for this great angle because my favorite part of this whole vignette is that the glass-top table allows you to see the Moroccan print underfoot.

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