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Open Face Egg Sandwich

March 27, 2012

by Emily

Breakfast is secretly my favorite meal of the day. I can pretend it is because I am a morning person, but let’s get real: I love breakfast because you can get away with eating sweet pancakes, salty bacon, and a Quiche disguised as healthy even though it is resting in a buttery pie crust all in one sitting… and it is totally acceptable. Who can argue with that? While this is next to not being a recipe at all (more like a sandwich assembly line), it is quite a fabulous non-recipe recipe you will surely enjoy. And – disclaimer! – sorta healthy. Rather than cheese, I’ve smashed up a little avocado on my toast, topped it with bacon, a perfectly cooked egg, and my last two asparagus spears. Looking good, right? Enjoy!

Open Face Egg Sandwich
Pinterest inspired

1 piece whole wheat bread, toasted
1 egg, over easy
2 slices bacon, fried
1/4 avocado, mashed
asparagus spears, steamed
salt & pepper, to taste

This is more of an assembly how-to than recipe.

Toast bread until golden brown. Spread mashed avocado evenly over toast. Place bacon and fried (or scrambled, doesn’t matter) egg on top of toast. Garnish with asparagus. Salt and pepper to taste and voila! Breakfast.

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