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The Friday Find: Pepperplate App

February 17, 2012

The DM girls have been searching for a way to organize all of our bookmarked, google reader-tagged, google doc-listed, and online “recipe boxed” favorite recipes for years now. It’s become a real problem considering I have 397 recipes in my epicurious recipe box, another 215 on some cookbook making website I can’t even remember the name of, and probably a thousand tagged by category in my google reader. Which really defeats the purpose of saving recipes at all when you have to sort through six places to figure out what to make with your chicken breasts for dinner.

Rant over. Enter Pepperplate. This free website allows you to add recipes from anywhere on the web to your Pepperplate account, then magically syncs up with the app on your iphone or ipad. Life changing I tell you. Here are the reasons we love Pepperplate so much:

1. There is a bookmarklet, “add to Pepperplate” that works just like the Pinterest “Pin it” button. For dozens of recipe sites (epicurious, My Recipes, Food & Wine, even Smitten Kitchen), this button works automatically. Just click it, and poof, recipe saved.

2. For more obscure sites (like, ahem, Deux Maisons), a window pops up on the page and leads you through 3 steps of copy/pasting so you can save the recipe and photo. It takes 30 seconds, but will save you hours in the long run. No more searching through hundreds of tagged blog items or sorting through bookmarks.

3. You can create categories for your recipe – you aren’t stuck with what epicurious tells you to categorize something as. So I now have “cheese”, “Southern”, and “venison” categories in addition to the typical “appetizer”, “entree”, “sides.” The only downside I’ve found to Pepperplate so far is that you can’t add categories when you first save a recipe, you have to go back in and add them later.

4. You can create menus and shopping lists from your recipes.

5. You can scale a recipe up or down by any proportion with the slide of a button.

6. Automatically syncs with the iphone/ ipad and NOOK for easy access when you don’t have your computer handy. There do seem to be a couple of glitches in terms of editing your shopping lists on my iphone app, and searching by category, but it’s still infinitely useful.

7. It’s FREE. I almost spent $20 for another similar application plus another $5 for my iphone, and I think it’s pretty much the same thing.

If you need recipe organization help, go to stat!


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