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a revelation

February 1, 2012

by Elizabeth

This isn’t exactly a recipe per se, rather a recommendation for what you should make the next time you’re craving Brussels sprouts paired with something rich and cheesy. Or am I the only one that craves weird combinations like that? Even if you don’t have strange cheese-related cravings, I still strongly suggest making this for dinner sometime soon. Crispy, deep-flavored sprouts over creamy, decadent pasta = a revelation.

Last week I couldn’t get this recipe for Brussels sprouts on cheese toast out of my head – but found myself without any decent bread for toast so I moved on to other options. I started roasting some Brussels Sprouts and tried to figure out what carb I could use to make my meal totally unhealthy. (it was Friday after all so I deserved it.) My first thought was risotto, but for some reason making risotto sounded way more labor intensive than making macaroni and cheese (kind of irrational, but I really just didn’t want to chop up another onion and stir for 20 minutes…) – so casarecce and gruyere it was. And y’all, this might have been my best kitchen improv idea ever.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Macaroni and Cheese

Roast Brussels Sprouts according to your favorite recipe. Truffled Brussels are great, as is this one with onions, bacon, and Dijon from Amateur Gourmet. Whatever you do, make sure the recipe includes bacon. And I think adding onions is wonderful too.

Make your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe – probably not one that involves Velveeta. (Those are delicious, of course, but the flavor profile might be a little off for this.) You can try my Four Cheese Anniversary Pasta or I’m sure Ina’s Grown Up Macaroni would be delicious too. You could also make Pioneer Woman’s Bacon Onion Macaroni and top it with “plain” roasted sprouts.

I generally prefer Macaroni and Cheese that isn’t baked, and I think serving it straight from the pot is better for this “recipe.” The cheese sauce is creamier that way and you don’t really need a crispy crust since you’re topping it with Brussels Sprouts.

Place a portion of pasta in a bowl, about a cup, and top with about 3/4 cup of roasted Brussels sprouts. Sprinkle with truffle salt if you’re feeling extra indulgent. Devour.

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