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A Little Bit of Life

January 16, 2012

by Emily

After a week of warmth in Texas, I shivered my way back to NYC over the weekend and while it might be the coldest on my personal record, I am glad I am back to my cozy apartment.

While some may have a preference, in my opinion it is just as impossible to get used to the heat in humidity in the Bayou City as it is the unbelievable northeastern chill.

So instead of pretending to get used to extreme weather conditions, you find ways to deal. With everything from sleeping bag style coats to ear muffs to fur-lined boots, there are ways to cope.

While it is of utmost importance to feel comfortable outside, it is incredibly essential to feel alive inside…since that’s where we are inevitably going to be the next several months!

While there is no questions in my mind that interiors influence mood, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint what it is about a particular space that makes you feel warm despite the falling temperatures outside.

If you pay close attention to these beautiful images, the subtle addition in all of them is something alive, something thriving, and something awake despite the potential for dismal weather.

While nothing more than a simple reminder, it is a good one to pay attention to: add life to your life.  Splurge on that bouquet of flowers and remember to water you plants because a little bit of life will improve mood and work to usher in sunshine and, eventually, springtime.

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