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Vow to be Classic in 2012

January 2, 2012

by Elizabeth & Emily

Williams Sonoma

While we could go on and on about all of the new and exciting things to come in 2012 (inevitable!), and how we are going to exercise more, lose weight, and cut back on our cheese intake (blatant LIE!), and work on relationships, save money, and become more organized (ok, those are priorities), what we really want to go on and on about is something much more universal: our vow to return to classics in 2012.  Whether it be interiors, the resurgence of the paper calendar in a digital age, remembering the power of a handwritten note, or hosting a dinner party for friends, Deux Maisons is focusing on returning to the classic things we love in 2012!  Here are some of our to-dos for this new year.

1.  Incorporate more classics into our interiors – from ginger jars to horn trays, we adore timeless pieces. Other favorites are always leopard print, coral, bamboo, campaign furniture, antiques, carrara marble, blue and white, coffee table books, and Greek key.

2.  Return to paper!  Handwritten notes and new paper calendars for these girls are going to carry us through 2012.

3.  Host & Celebrate more! Set a proper table more often, invite more friends to dinner, and practice giving a fabulous toast.

4.  Remember a fad is a fad and classic personal style is not only fashionable, but chic.

Tried and true, we are ready for this new year!  We wish you all the best in 2012.


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