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Endive With Blue Cheese, Bacon, & Dried Fruit

November 29, 2011

by Emily

Nothing new here.  Just coming off the ate-too-much Thanksgiving hangover with some more party food.  There is nothing wrong with making an otherwise healthy leafy green better, right? Add cheese and bacon and a touch of sweet to anything and I am a happy camper, so this petite light bite is tres bon for this not-so-picky eater. Why is this such a winning appetizer treat for upcoming holiday gatherings? It requires no utensil and is easily enjoyed in two, I-didn’t-spill-a-thing on my party dress! bites. Love.

Endive with Blue Cheese, Bacon, & Dried Fruit
makes about 16 light bite single servings

2 Endive
2 oz Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola, crumbled
3 strips of bacon
4 dried pieces of fruit, quartered

Fry bacon until crisp, drain oil, and set aside to cool. Cut stem off endive and separate into cups. Break bacon into small pieces.  Place a small piece of bacon in each cup, sprinkle with blue cheese, and top with quartered pieces of dried fruit.


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