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Stella’s Sip and See

November 3, 2011

by Elizabeth

We recently had a Sip and See for beautiful baby Stella Catherine at newlywed Sarah’s maison. Since it was a sip and see and not a traditional baby shower, we decided to keep things elegant for mom with lots of pink and lavender for le bebe. We wanted the party to have subtle French influences without being too “theme-y”. (I like to make up words in case you haven’t noticed.)

I designed an invitation with vintage French elements and a ballet-slipper pink floral. We used just hints of lavender throughout the party. The cutest part of the whole party was probably the lavender floral bebe sign (see below), inspired by pinterest (duh) – it became quite the “talking point” to use sorority rush speak!

For the menu we served Champagne cocktails (made with some pink juices and grenadine), Iced Tea, Cheddar Raspberry Spread, Baby Quiches, Chicken Salad on Mini Croissants, and a dessert spread with precious pink raspberry and strawberry Macarons (that were to die for delicious). Everyone had tons of fun nibbling and sipping, and most importantly oohing and aahing over the guest of honor, sweet Stella!

Party Resources

Invitation – Elizabeth of Deux Maisons

Flowers – Centerpiece – lavender johnny jump ups in an antique terrine covered with moss, and lavender spread across the table runner. Small arrangements included spray roses, stock and mystery darling pink spray things in cut glass vases.

Macarons – Creme de la Cookie

bebe hanging – Martha Stewart, we used thick wire to shape the letters, then attached small purple flowers with skinny floral tape and hot glue. Hung with lavender ribbon.

W napkins – Wisteria

Crystal – Lismore Nouveau, highly recommend registering for the same crystal as your friends

China and Silver – “estate” pieces from moms, grandmothers, great aunts, great grandmothers, etc. Never turn down china or silver.

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