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Fall Decor at Liz’s Maison

October 18, 2011

by Elizabeth

So I was all pumped up to be crafty this weekend and make a DIY moss and pumpkin wreath a la this one I posted a couple weeks ago. In all honesty I am not much of a “crafts” type person so I was pretty proud of myself for even considering this, and the thought of a “look at what I did!” post was pretty exciting too. Then I get to Michael’s, the land of seasonal rejects where everything for the holiday at hand is always 50% off and therefore totally picked over (because really, does everybody else actually purchase all of their fall “craft” items in August? I must be totally out of the crafting loop thinking I could buy fall decor in mid-OCTOBER, nearly 6 weeks before Thanksgiving, which in my book means a full 6 weeks before the Christmas decor comes out. Anyway…I digress.) After some rather stressful cart maneuvering, crazed-crafter dodging, and 3 attempts to find a non-helpful salesperson, Mom and I discovered that yes, Michael’s was out of green wreath forms, and no, they would not be in until the Monday after next. No burlap ribbon ribbon to be found either – apparently that would be considered “fall” ribbon, which along with every other cute ribbon on the display wreaths was long gone. Because we should have been there in August. Also their moss was ugly (and overpriced) and I didn’t want to go back to Nicholson Hardie to get the moss I should have bought in the first place.

So that is the long way of telling you that I sadly do not have a cute moss and pumpkin wreath to share, but I do have pictures of my other fall doodles to show you. Above is my dining room table centerpiece. I combined white and peach (!) baby pumpkins with coral, because why not? I really like my coral and who says coral is only for summer? I kind of think the juxtaposition is awesome, so don’t tell me otherwise. I added a turquoise vase with some punchy orange flowers for contrast.

I originally had the centerpiece on a silver tray, but I think you will all agree that it looks much better and more seasonal on the fab tortoise tray I snagged from Emily during her pre-move house cleansing.

Living room coffee table doodles. Baby white and orange pumpkins with some green ball thingys on a John Derian for Target leaf plate. Perched on my Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book – again I like the coral and the colors on the cover work with fall too.

Mantle in the den. I just added the white pumpkins and the orange berries to our standard mantle set up. I use those antlers pretty  much all of the time, but I really like them with the fall decor. I also decided to leave my turquoise accessories up because turquoise and orange are awesome together (obviously).

Pumpkin patch on the front porch. Notice there is not one “normal” pumpkin to be found. I like the funky ones better and I never have the patience to actually carve one anyway. Excuse the wilted pansies, keeping flowers alive is not my forté.

Now tell me how you decorated at your maison!


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