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Sweet & Simple Grape & Pecorino Salad

October 17, 2011

by Emily

While I can hardly call this delicious trio a “recipe” per se, this fantastic combination of juicy red grapes, dried fruit, and sharp but salty Pecorino Romano is so completely winning, it must be shared. After picking up this afternoon treat at Bottega Falai in SoHo,  I’ve recreated it (as in thrown the three ingredients in a bowl…) several times as an afternoon snack, a dessert, and most recently as a quick happy hour snack with some girlfriends. While Liz and I specialize (and prefer!) our light bite fare, we do occasionally make real meals. And when we do, there is no sense in spoiling dinner with a heavy appetizer when something this light and refreshing is easily the perfect introduction to almost any menu. And what about adding some crisp apples or some candied walnuts and serving this as a no-fuss, last-minute dessert? Delish. Count me in.

Grape & Pecorino Romano Salad

1 bunch red grapes
4 ozs Pecorino Romano cheese, cut into bit size pieces
Dried fruit (apricots, figs), quartered

Combine red grapes and dried fruit in a bowl. Add small pieces of Pecorino Romano cheese.  Serve and adore.

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