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Decorating for Fall – au Naturel

October 5, 2011

by Elizabeth

While Emily and I certainly embrace the orange this time of year, we realize not all of you feel the same way. If you’re afraid of bringing orange pumpkins into your home because it will totally mess with your decor and color scheme, never fear – white pumpkins are here. In fact, as much as I like orange, I’m still partial to white pumpkins. I think they are a little more chic and mature than the jack-o-lanterns of my childhood. (Yes, I just called a pumpkin chic. Deal with my crazy.)

via Homegoods

I love a mass of white pumpkins lined up on the mantle. Pair with some silver accessories and boom – instant chic.

via pinterest

Such an elegant fall table – I would love this look for Thanksgiving.

Pottery Barn

Perfect way to display all those antlers you’ve been collecting. Green pumpkins and gourds are also easy to incorporate into natural fall decor.

via pinterest

Hurricanes and vases are great for displaying seasonal items – white pumpkins and acorns are darling examples. If you’re not afraid of orange, baby orange or orange and white striped pumpkins would be cute too.

Better Homes & Gardens, Etsy

Both of these wreaths make an elegant statement for the front door. No ghosts and spiders for us, thankyouverymuch. The moss wreath looks like an easy DIY, and you could certainly use white pumpkins instead of orange.


My mom and I love to stack the funky, flat pumpkins on the porch. Cinderella pumpkins are perfect for this. They look even more elegant in urns or pots with some greenery or berries on the bottom – Sarah alerted me that this month’s Southern Living features stacked pumpkins with moss in between. I can’t find the image to repost, but it looks tres chic as well.

How are you decorating for fall lovely readers? I’m hitting up the farmers market on Sunday to get started!


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