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Ikatching Tribal Prints

August 16, 2011

by Emily

Ikat prints have made a big splash in the design world – both interiors and fashion. While seemingly trendy, these punchy prints have long been around and don’t seem to be going anywhere. And what’s not to love? You get the beauty of a print, uniqueness across each textile version, and some gorgeous color.

Ikat itself, derived from a Malaysian word meaning “to tie”, is a highly complicated process of tying and dying to form unique, tribal-like textile patterns. Ikat has appeared across many cultures all over the world including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Central America.

While I am not one to judge (I love them all!), a complicated and richly colored ikat is said to be a status symbol as it is an arduous and time-consuming process to produce. 

Lucky for us, Ikats are available in so many mediums, color and saturation ranges, and price ranges. Enjoy some of these resources and ways to incorporate this fun print into your life design.

Madewell Ikat Electric Top

Fabricadabra Ikat Pilow Covers

Madeline Weinrib Blue Suzi Rug

Dabney Lee Coasters in “Sunset Beach” Ikat

Blue Ikat iPhone Case

Ikat Scarf

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