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Backyard Dreams

August 2, 2011

by Elizabeth

via La Dolce Vita

Did you know that it’s going to be 110 in Dallas this weekend? Did you also know that husband’s 30th birthday party is this weekend? Did you know that it’s OUTSIDE? While husband and his co-honoree are blessedly low maintenance when it comes to what they want at the party (ahem, aside from a certain guest appearance),  I’m beginning to wish my backyard had a few more amenities to help us deal with this “excessive heat warning.” Such as…

via CocoCozy

A pool. Obviously. We could turn this fratastic Round Up style 30th into a pool party asap. Maybe Bevo wants to get in too?

Elle Decor

A covered patio with a little more festive flair. My patio is about the same size as this with a metal roof, but there are no drop down sides to block some sun, nor are there gold poufs or a fabulous turquoise rug. Details…

via Pinterest

An amazing cabana. Somehow I don’t think the tents I rented are going to come with curtains or Moroccan style trim or lounging floor cushions.

Southern Living

Even better than a fancy patio or a cabana – a screened in porch! Then we could all pretend to be outside but really we’d be inside. In the air conditioning.

Better Homes and Gardens

Hydrangeas! Or just plants in general. Oh wait, I did have hydrangeas and some pretty amazing flowerbeds ifidosaysomyself. That was 3 months ago. Dallas has killed my flowers and my beds are now a barren wasteland. Maybe I should go get some cacti to spruce things up a bit?

In all seriousness, we are super excited for the party and I think we have a workable plan for the heat (port a cool, tents, fans, 300 water bottles, popsicles, and cold rags to start with) – can’t wait to show you details next week!

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