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Entry Tables: Inspiration and Two Affordable Options

July 28, 2011

by Emily


Lonny’s current issue has a great couple of pages on entryway tables – examples and some fabulous suggestions for purchase. The idea? To create a memorable, stylish first impression in your maison.


As I space planned and considered my new pied-à-terre in New York, the one piece of furniture I ended up purchasing to make the space come together was in fact a console table.

Kips Bay Show House

While my space is constrained by size and I needed to find something leggy and the correct scale, I justified the purchase knowing that this well-rounded table is completely flexible and it could reinvent itself in the future as a small desk or sofa table.

via Pinterest

What am I talking about?! This new purchase is clearly going to be “flexible” now as it will need to be my entryway table, doodle displayer, potentially a desk, and a place to set up my tiny tv (thank for the swap, Mom and Dad!). These were the top two favorites that I considered for my new home.

Option 1: CB2’s Peekaboo Table: this inexpensive acrylic option adds a modern touch to my neo-traditional style while adding the illusion of space.

CB2 Peekaboo

Option 2: White Lacquer Sofa Table: Don’t be fooled by the laminate floors and horrible flower arrangement off to the side! While the website could do a better job of styling the table for customers, I love the simple lines and the modern look on the cheap.

Overstock Glossy White Table

The reviews were raving, the price is right, and while I just adore acrylic, there is something about this simple table that absolutely sold me. Did I mention the price was right? I will certainly report back how I pull all this multi-purposing off!


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