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Doodles On My Radar

June 22, 2011

by Emily

Have you ever gone shopping, founds some pretty cute stuff, pulled the trigger, and then left the store thinking “why’d I buy that?  I don’t need anything!” 

Well, I clearly don’t need any of this stuff, but – not gonna lie – I totally want it all… so I thought I’d share with y’all what’s all over my radar right now!

1.  Green Cherry Blossom Panel – so de Gournay, right?

2.  Hunter Original Boots in GOLD! – Oh wait, I bought these…

3.  Parsons Mini Desk – Love these modern lines on a small scale.

4.  Caspari Oink Napkins – Who doesn’t need a little swine on their table top?  Just kidding.  But I do need these for grillin’.

5.  Greek Key Rug – So cute, no need to explain.

6.  Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookies – I am going to try and recreate these, don’t worry. 

7.  My Father’s Daughter – It is getting a little weird that I don’t have this yet…

Tell me, what is on your list?

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