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LDM Decorates! – Emily’s Living Room

March 15, 2011

by Emily

My Living Room

Just like my dining room, my living space went through similar phases of updates.

Here are the before shots at purchase (note the minimal staging is not my own work!):

Doesn’t that 1978 wet bar give you the urge to fix yourself a drink? Like, right now? You can even check yourself out in the plentiful mirrors while you do the mixing!

My first inclination was to hide this space, but with the encouragement of my mom, I eventually envisioned this with huge potential. What could have been major dead space behind some bi-fold doors turned into entertaining opportunity.  By removing the mirrored back splash, adding cabinets to the shelving, slapping on a little granite, shutting down the sink, and installing a wine fridge, this space transformed into party central!  Much more my style.

The improved space:


Luckily, the living room was in decent shape otherwise.  Beyond the bar area, this large space became a much more inviting living area when I took down those dust collecting mini-blinds, installed plantation shutters, and took full advantage of the mantle and built-ins.

Here are some additional after shots:

And a few of the details:

Much better, right?  My style is clearly Domino (and now Lonny!) inspired as I have tried to mix new with old, shabby with chic.

I am sure the room will continue to evolve as I gather new doodles and edit the old… but for now, it feels very much like home.

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