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Perfectly Pretty: Powder Bath Inspiration

February 16, 2011

by Emily

A friend of mine and her husband just bought an amazing house that, unfortunately, has a not-as-fabulous powder bath supporting the downstairs living area.  They have a white pedestal sink, neutrally painted walls, an unmemorable mirror and a pretty standard lighting fixture.  While perfectly functional, I think this execution is a little unfortunate  because you can do some pretty grand (and glam!) things with powder rooms given their small-scale.  While the existing space is perfectly nice as-is and likely not on the priority list of things to fix right away (furnishing your new home is always a plus…), there is nothing wrong with getting together a little inspiration for what could very easily be a charming little number.

Floral Light Fixture

Leontine Linens or Vintage Linen Towels

Vintage Gold Wall Mirror

Burlap vanity slipcover

Avant Garde Shake It Up Metallic Wallcovering or Interesting Aqua paint

Pakistani Hand-knotted Peach/Black Bokhara Wool Rug

Caldrea Hand Care

Succulents for some life!


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