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January 4, 2011

After taking a little time off from blogging over the holidays, we are back and ready to bombard you with delicious recipes and beautiful interiors! We don’t know about you – but the LDM girls were more than ready to say au revoir to 2010. We welcomed 2011 with a fabulous party and (even better) got to ring in the new year together! Neither of us are big on resolutions, per se, but we do have a few blog-related goals to help us stay inspired.


1. Cook recipes from my plethora of cookbooks, not the internet. I know, what a concept, right? I have a bazillion lined up on the kitchen counter, and that stack only got added to over Christmas (hello Ina!). Much to husband’s pleasure, I’ve also cleared out more than a year’s worth of cooking magazines, and made fabulous binders filled with another bazillion ripped-out recipes. Now I just need to use them.

2. Finally repaint some craptastically ugly-colored furniture. I have a fabulous dresser being used a buffet in the breakfast nook that has faded to a heinous shade of mustard yellow, and it is really time to paint the two-toned pedestal table. Every time  I look over at that corner of the house I wince, and there is really no reason for it. I need to carve out a few weekends worth of time and just do it. Oh, and I need to learn how too, but I’m sure I can figure it out!

from House Beautiful

3. Figure out what style we want our master bedroom to have, and start changing it. Our bedroom is about half finished – I love our bed and newly recovered chair, but the dressers and bedside tables ASAP. I haven’t made it a decorating priority, simply because we can’t figure out what direction it should go in. It’s even more difficult because this space  takes the most decorating compromise – I truly believe that both husband and wife should be comfortable and happy with the master bedroom. I am not making husband sleep in a romantic, doodled-up, aqua and ivory paradise (no matter how much I might like it!).


1. Cease Reduce Snack-Mealing. Cheese isn’t dinner. Or shouldn’t be all the time and somehow often is.  Whoops!   So while I love some fab baked brie puff pastry goodness, I am looking forward to creating more meals, not just snack dinners.

2.  Acquire classic pieces of furniture and phase out (or re-purpose!) the old. We are all guilty of holding on to super ug pieces of furniture because we would rather spend our resources on a trip or buy a new dress or go out to a nice dinner.  Sigh.  So this year, I plan to at least begin a little updating and purging at my maison.

3. Make a point to co-blog more often with my co-blogger! Liz and I share tons of the same interests and always look forward to getting together for fun, blog-centric weekends.  I hope that this can happen with greater frequency in 2011!  Cheers to that! (Ditto Liz!)


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