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Guest Bedrooms

October 7, 2010

by Elizabeth


Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle in Elle Decor



Fall always seems to bring an influx of visitors to my maison. Between TX-OU weekend, SMU Homecoming (Hi Elizabeth!) and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend visiting (Hi Cori Sue!), our guest suite is booked for most of October. And we love it! But it has made me think a little bit more about the decor of our guest room. I suppose, ideally, a guest suite should be impersonal enough so that your guests feel at home, but still show your personal style and fit in with the rest of your home. Mine is a little more on the over-personal side, as it also houses my desk and a fair number of photos and trinkets, and oh, my closet (1950s closets were not made to share). I’m working on de-cluttering a bit, and I’m using these photos as inspiration.





Relaxing, comfortable, gender-neutral. Seems to have all the necessities!


Metropolitan Home



But maybe a guest room is an opportunity to go more bold? You wouldn’t get sick of a funky headboard or hot pink bedding and walls if you didn’t have to sleep in there every night.




Twin beds are always a good choice for a guest room. Unless your guests are typically couples…but regardless, I love the aqua walls with a touch of ikat. And again with the pink, I might be going pink-crazy.


Courtnay Daniels Haden in Elle Decor


This room seems like an ideal guest suite to me. Neutral colors, but with plenty of texture, functional bedside tables, plenty of reading material, and guests could even use the bench for their bags. love.

What kind of guest bedroom do you prefer?

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