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9.3.10 Football is Texas’s Religion

September 3, 2010

“The stitching that binds us—hippies and rednecks, Catholics and Protestants, shrimpers and soccer moms and short-order cooks, Hyde Park liberals and Highland Park conservatives—isn’t Joel Osteen or Willie Nelson or cheese enchiladas or chili cook-offs or Mary Kay cosmetics. It isn’t black gold or white lightning. It isn’t the lure of the wide-open spaces or the love of grain-fed beef or the Cotton-Eyed Joe. It’s sports…in particular, Football.

Football is Texas’s unofficial religion, and our faith in this team or that transcends the superficiality of reason, logic, experience, or last year’s season record. We are awed by the pageantry, rituals, sacred colors, hymns, and holy mysteries of the sport. Our trust in it never wavers, never wanes. Despite the absence of tangible evidence—a recent playoff berth, for example—we know who and what we are. The Mighty this. The Fighting that. The chosen few.”

– Bobby Hawthorne, Longhorn Football

It’s Game Day, Baby! Or, it will be tomorrow anyway. So Pony Up and Hook ‘Em, we know it’s fall when football games start to control the weekend calendar. Have a fab holiday weekend!

*Images from Tommy Hilfiger’s The Ultimate Tailgate ad campaign

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