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08.13.10 – Giada on Entertaining

August 13, 2010

“It’s a chance to talk to the people I’m cooking for. When you cook on television, you don’t get that. It’s really a lot of fun for me, filling their tummies with goodness.”
-Giada on cooking at home for guests

Emily: I love having friends over for homemade meals – or even just appetizers! – and a little wine.  Although I love dining out, I have no problem taking a break from busy restaurants. While the trade off might mean a bit of planning and preparation, nothing beats the comforts of home where there is not rush to get up from the table. One of my favorite new Giada dishes is for this salmon recipe.  Just like entertaining should be, it is easy and satisfying!

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Elizabeth: Entertaining and cooking for friends and loved ones really brings me so much happiness. In fact, I’m pretty sure my “love language” is cooking. The Thursday night before our wedding, Husband and I wanted to have a little get together at our new house. Instead of doing the rational thing and ordering in food (or just not having food, GASP), I was the crazy bride who insisted on cooking for 35 people two days before the wedding. And, I LOVED it. Nothing could have made me happier than to cook for all of our friends and family who had done so much for us during our engagement and wedding celebrations. (Now the oven burn I got on the top of my hand and had to cover up with makeup for pictures…could have done without that.) I made two of our favorite Giada recipes for the party: Stuffed Shells with Arrabiatta and Shells with Crispy Pancetta and Spinach. Both are delish, freeze well, and are perfect for a crowd. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Food Network

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