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07.15.10 – Flair for Entertaining

July 16, 2010

“The most wonderful events are not always the most lavish. They are the ones where the host has put in some care and creativity, and so obviously enjoyed themselves from the first minute of planning, until the very last guest has gone home.”
Joe Nye from the introduction to Flair



What makes a gathering wonderful and memorable?  It likely isn’t because it was perfectly detailed and uber-fancy, but because it was comfortable and welcoming, warm and inspiring.

Joe Nye’s new book, Flair, demonstrates to readers how entertaining with unique sophistication and style does not equate to being stuffy and old-fashioned.  Nye provides insight for choosing chic invitations, creating your own place cards, setting an original table, arranging even the simplest of flowers in the most unsuspecting ways and spaces… all the while nourishing the sense of self-expression.  Nye is bold and resourceful, combining the power of creativity and high taste.

No wonder he perfectly engages his target audience – she is the 20-something who may not know the “rules,” but wants to welcome friends into her home.

Photo Credit: Edmund Barr from FLAIR by Joe Nye, Rizzoli 2010



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