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07.09.10 – Fab Finds at Urban Outfitters

July 9, 2010

“It’s nice to mix high and low, entry level with one-of-a-kind. It’s really nice to have that mix — it’s really kind of the way we live. We eat that way. You know, we mix truffle oil with french fries! It’s all about a high and low mix, and whether it’s fashion or food or interior design, it feels very organic and very natural and very current.”

– Interior Designer Thom Felicia via interview on Seeds and Fruit

Urban Outfitters Decor

Urban Outfitters Decor on

Slipper Chair – Jewel Ikat
$328 –

Trompe LOeil Floor Mat – White Washed
$148 –

Antoinette Fainting Sofa – Verdigris
$578 –

Door Knob Curtain Tie-Back
$14 –

Jet Set Storage Bench – Robins Egg Tweed
$248 –

Metal Accordion Coffee Table
$128 –

Barnacle Vase
$16 –

Two Tiery Table
$98 – > Apartment Furnish & Decorate > Wall Decor
$14 –

Zelda Chair
$148 –

Ranunculus Bud Vase
$4.99 –

Deux Maisons is most definitely a fan of mixing high and low end items when designing a room. But we have to admit, Urban Outfitters is not at the top of our decor shopping lists. It looks like we’ve been missing out! We found tons of stylish and unique pieces, at very affordable prices (dying for the ikat slipper chair…hint, hint). And the best part is – you won’t run the risk of your living room looking like it should be featured on Catalog Living.

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  1. sarakmc permalink
    July 9, 2010 11:54 pm

    Love your picks of mix and match of high and low Urban Outfitters… can’t get enough of that store every time I go in!

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