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Shutter Down

June 2, 2010

by Emily

Have you ever seen one of those silly infomercials where some poor person is struggling to do an everyday task (open a jar, pre-treat a stain, walk with – OMG, get this – red wine without tripping and falling like a fool, etc., etc.) and fails absolutely.miserably.? This predictable intro segment also seems to highlight the person’s painfully disheveled hair, their unreasonable level of frustration, and, I find this to be the worst side-affect of them all, that their lives have turned into a fuzzy black and white version of reality! Wahh, wahh. Terrible.

I felt like someone was narrating my own personalized reverse-psychology genius infomercial just the other day when I walked into my bedroom and “heard” someone say: I’m not going to tell you to buy Plantation Shutters like you have been wanting for over a year now! I’m not going to tell you what a beautiful addition they will make to your maison!  I’m not going to tell you they will add simple, stylish appeal to your interior decor and exterior facade!

OK, OK, you’re right, this fake narrator announcer person didn’t tell me a darned thing. Instead, they “showed” me, in black and white no less, how all of that handi-work had sadly tumbled to the ground! So disappointing. And have I mentioned how much I despise mini-blinds?  Sigh.

Well, I was sold and I decided I had held out long enough! That panel drapes’ tumble to the ground was all I needed to place a quick phone call and get someone out to measure for some darling Plantation Shutters. Talk about sidewalk appeal! I am loving the new addition to my maison.

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  1. Kathryn permalink
    June 2, 2010 3:16 pm

    Oh, I love love love the shutters! I think they are a fabulous addition to your maison 🙂


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