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05.21.10 – Wish we were in France…if only for the Fromage!

May 21, 2010

“The cheese was on the verge of being too crumbly to make perfect portions, which the waiter adeptly handled, and when I took my first bite, I returned Alec’s gasp: it was one of those life-changing things that I’ve eaten and I’ll likely never have such an exemplary cheese again. When I went home, I changed my will and left everything to Monsieur Antony in exchange for presenting us with this magnificent cheese.”

David Lebovitz

Scardello Cheese Plate

Le sigh, doesn’t this make you wish you were in France having a life-changing cheese moment of your own? Aside from actually being in France, there are few things more perfect on a Friday afternoon for the Deux Maisons girl than a glass of rosé or champagne and a wedge of spectacular cheese. If you haven’t found your local underground cheese club (half kidding), check out Scardello in Dallas or Houston Dairy Maids and discover a cheese that makes you gasp!

Houston Dairy Maids

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