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Crazy for Coral

April 29, 2010

by Emily

I have long been a fan of coral and I definitely have my mom to thank for my personal craze. She passed down two gorgeous coral necklaces – one a beaded, pinkish coral, the other, a natural red one – she splurged on when she was my age.  It is probably a bit unusual for a 12-year-old to be accessorizing with these fabulous pieces, but whatever… I appreciate your investment, Mom!  And PS – you can’t change your mind and have them back… Love you!

Now, I find myself gravitating towards not only this gorgeous color, but also the fun shape and texture of coral when I am decorating.  For my maison, I was lucky to find two aqua linen pillows with a hand-knit coral design, a darling white coral shaped bowl (like the ones below that I use to hold decorative moss balls), and my powder room is, yes, the color coral.

Recently, it seems like the coral craze has caught on and I have seen it, literally, everywhere!  I think coral is up there with the likes of stripes, bamboo, and paisley and will never go out of style.  The best part about coral is that it is not only a beautiful color, but it can also just be a fun shape and texture to work with.  I hope this timeless look will find its way into your home decor in a small…

or  big way…

Where to shop: Ceramic coral figurine found at (gasp!) Target, Tea Towel found at Hammocks and High Tea, Coral shaped bowls found on Amazon, coral heirloom pillow found at Wisteria, and coral inspired rug found at Ikea.


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