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Partial to Patterns: Zig-Zag

April 8, 2010

by Emily

It has taken me entirely too long to read the latest issue of Lonny online. Perhaps the problem is that I don’t actually “read” Lonny, I study it. And despite being 100% ADD at work (shocker, I know), there is not one ounce of self-control that prohibits me from hovering my mouse over every single object that catches my eye (which is, quite literally, every single object…) in hopes of finding a link to some ridiculously fabulous design website, blog, or Etsy store.  So if you are wondering why I look  so silly with my face < 1 inch from the computer screen  and why I have 67 tabs open on my Mozilla browser… Well, I have Lonny to thank. Yeah, thanks a lot, Lonny… sheesh.

What’s more is all of this clicking about results in a GIANT case of The Wants.  And on The Wants list, is anything and everything I can get my hands on in this adorable zig-zag pattern.  It is no surprise that the Editor of Lonny, Michelle Adams, has mastered this fabulous print in her Eco-friendly line of fabrics for Rubie Green. The Ellie Bag? Yes, NOW! errr, please?

While admittedly Charlie Brown is quite the stud in zig-zag, I think all the credit has to go to Madeline Weinrib.  I can’t get enough of her fabulous rugs, fabric, and even handbags. While I could pick out any number of items in her collection, the zig-zag pattern is such a fun twist on the simple stripe; it draws the eye and adds some complexity to even the simplest of rooms.  I agree with Elements of Style that the zig-zag certainly has the potential for a timeless look. As Erin points out, Missoni has created an ultra chic luxury brand based on the simple pattern. And come on, Charlie Brown is more timeless in my eyes than a 1990s red living room.

I can only dream (and post) about this fabulous print for now – if it isn’t Madeline Weinrib, it is shockingly difficult to find!  But have no fear, once LDM materializes, we will carry this chic print!


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