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Très Tray Chic

March 29, 2010

by Emily

There are so many très chic trays and serving pieces like this preppy pink one or this attention-grabbing, rick-rack style round one out there these days and, PS, I am in love. I am lusting after these personalized trays so much, I even included them on my Christmas wish list (where apparently they will remain until I make the “good kid” list in 2010, cross your fingers).

Trays aren’t just for serving hors d’oeuvres; they can be an inventive decorating tool. I find that trays are a great way to add some depth and organization to everything from jewelry to stemware to your favorite doodles and collectibles.

In my bathroom, this bright green tray holds my favorite Bon Chic candle, soap and hand cream, and Calypso Perfume. It also adds a splash of color to an otherwise neutral bathroom vanity color scheme.

Next to my jewelry box (also layered with trays), this tray serves as a valet for various glasses, larger costume jewelry, and the home of another smaller Lucite tray that hold bracelets, safety pins, and other odds and ends.

In the kitchen, this goofy plastic tray I found in Paris (for less than one Euro, thank you chotchky impulse buy) keeps the coffee scoop and Splenda organized, and also serves as a spoon rest so coffee drops do not travel all over the counter during a hectic morning.

I received some gorgeous crystal stemware and a formal silver plated tray (what an incredible hand-me-down!) a few months ago, and it really serves to not only decorate, but dress up the bar area (not to mention its neighbor, the blue and white plastic tray with a chic trellis print I found at Target last year).

I am also attempting to incorporate two gold leaf trays I found for a crazy I-must-have-been-mismarked-bargain at Horchow to add some dimension to a couple occasional tables. Don’t worry, this tray even has a co-blogger picture from the night of the uber dramatic dinner party – memories!

The thing I love most about trays, is that they have inspired my creativity!  I recently found an black painted tray for $7 at The Guild Shop.  While I wasn’t in love with the color or the weird applique I sanded off, I adore the shape.I sanded it down, painted it blue and then cream on top of the blue, and then “shabby chic’d” it. It turned out to be just darling and now it organizes my desk space.

I hope this inspires you to find some creative ways to incorporate some très chic trays in your own living spaces.


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