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As Luck Would Have It…

March 12, 2010

…Emily is coming up for the ridiculousness known as St. Patrick’s day in Dallas. Don’t worry, we’re not going crazy and going to the parade or anything…instead, since we clearly are a different kind of crazy, we pre-planned a delicious St. Patrick’s Day brunch for ourselves.  Afterward, we plan to party hop the Saturday away! Being the prepared (and particular) party-goers we are, we even have a back-up beverage plan in the event we grow tired of green beer: Sofia Coppola Sparkling Wine. Yes, these little Blanc de Blancs bad boys even fit perfectly in your favorite green clutch.

If you need some St. Patrick’s Day menu inspiration, check out these delish dishes.

Key Lime Cupcakes

Irish Grilled Cheese

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Artichoke and Green Olive Crostini

Beer Battered Broccoli

Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue

Back up plans are a must. So, if by 1 pm you have witnessed one too many keg stands, chased a cougar clad head to toe in leather away from your husband, been pinched repeatedly even though turquoise is OBVIOUSLY a shade of green, or simply refuse to stand in line for a portapottie, then you should evacuate Greenville immediately and head over to The Dallas Flea for an afternoon of shopping!

Even if a nap is in order after all the festivities, a lovely dinner at Bolsa would be the perfect ending to a fun-filled day!


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