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Making a Statement

January 13, 2010

by Elizabeth

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of wallpaper. Too often it looks stuffy and dated. And I’ve always been afraid of how stuck I would feel with wallpaper – wouldn’t it be nearly impossible to (affordably) change the look of a room? Maybe it has something to do with being forced to live in a bedroom covered with yellow and white butterfly wallpaper AND drapes for nearly a year when we moved into our new house in 8th grade? Probably.

If I do swoon over wallpaper it’s usually a fabulous, vibrant print in a powder room. Small doses is the key. The exception to my small doses rule is de Gournay Hand Painted Chinoiserie wallpapers. I adore these walls. They make my heart sing. They make me want to live in the girliest, frilliest house imaginable. It would be like living in a jewel box.

This is definitely statement wallpaper. It’s so gorgeous it’s really art – no need for anything hanging on the walls. I think this room could even help me get over the yellow butterflies.

Now I can’t help but play the “spot the de Gournay wallpaper” game as I’m flipping through books or reading blogs. This room is from House Beautiful. I love the contrast of the black couch piled with vibrant pillows against the delicate aqua walls. And the gold leaf sconces are a perfect accent, without detracting from the beauty of the wallpaper itself.

I love this room from Windsor Smith Home. Again, love the dark upholstery.

The Domino book cover was even inspired by these fab prints.

And the aqua wallpaper in this room might have played a major role in the choice of our reception venue, the fabulous Penthouse at the Stoneleigh Hotel. I would happily live in a hotel if I could eat dinner in this dining room every night.

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