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5 Hostess Tips + 5 Hostess Gifts

December 17, 2009

by  Emily

What could be better during the Holiday Season than making time to celebrate blessed friendships?  It is especially wonderful if one of these fabulous friends is your co-blogging buddy!   As you may have inferred, Elizabeth has invited me to her maison for a weekend of doodling, cheese, and hostessing!  As a guest in Elizabeth’s home, I thought I would share some of my favorite hostess gifts I have come across this season.  I hope you will find a friend to share your Holiday celebrations with and also find the best way to thank them in kind.

1.  A Favorite Wine in a Darling Carrier the hostess may relax with post celebration:

2.  A Festive Holiday Candle for the Hostess’ maison:

3.  A thematic book or two your Hostess will love:

4.  Your favorite Homemade Treat in a Baking Pan the Hostess is to keep:

5.  A tasty Lip Gloss that will remind the Hostess of the joyous scents of the Season:

by Elizabeth

So excited to have Emily as my guest this weekend – it will make our Progressive Dinner on Saturday even more fun! I heart entertaining, especially during the Holidays. Here are my top 5 Hostess Tips for a fabulous fête!

1. Make a Party Prep Schedule – And stick to it. You can’t get everything done the day of, don’t lie to yourself. Unless you are Betty Draper and have a full time house keeper.

2. Choose food that is easy to prepare ahead of time – Lots of appetizers can be made earlier in the week and flash frozen, then you bake it just before guests arrive. Dips can often be made ahead and refrigerated, and you can set cheeses, olives, and nuts out way before anyone invades your home. Braises or roasts are great for main courses – anything that needs an hour or more on the stove or in the oven. Use that hour to clean up the kitchen and yourself!


3. Prosecco – Much cheaper than champagne but just as festive. I particularly like Enrico Prosecco Brut – very light and it’s only $10 a bottle!


4. Lots of Candlelight – Light a scented candle by the door to greet guests, but use unscented candles in votives and candlesticks throughout the rest of the house – you don’t want to overwhelm people. And I wouldn’t use a “food” scented candle if you are serving a meal – it interferes with the senses.


5. Use the good china! And crystal, and linens, and serving pieces. If you have it, this is the time to use it. It makes the table look so much more elegant, and if it doesn’t all match – even better!

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